Fireman resume

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fireman resume

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Maintained current level of Paramedic and Firefighter knowledge and applied to calls. Provided assistance to community for emergency calls. Debriefed staff following fire calls. Successfully responded to 911calls, provided Firefighting and Medical Care, and patient transportation. Conducted maintenance checks, stocked inventory for vehicles, station and gear. Cleaned and repaired equipment.

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Responsibilities highlighted on example resumes of Firefighters include participating in general firefighter duties, including responding to brand fires and emergencies of medical and automobile-related natures, as well as to smoke and carbon monoxide alarm-related situations. Those interested in becoming Firefighters must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma listed on their resumes. Applicants must also take the entrance fire exam, though some choose to attend college first to learn more about the career. Looking students for cover letter ideas? 1, wildland Firefighter, maintained and operated fire engines, chainsaws, gps units, pumps, radios, data entries and hand tools. Safely assessed and removed hazard trees that posed a safety threat to other firefighters and potential fire spread. Effectively communicated with co-workers, civilians, dispatchers and other firefighters to ensure safety and productivity. Performed leadership skills by assisting and directing firefighters towards incidents in a safe and organized manner. Candidate Info 2, paramedic/firefighter, accurately used radio communication to dispatch police, fire, helicopters, state patrols, emergency rooms and command staff. Used radio dispatch program.

Recognized for a solid work ethic, dedication and no quit attitude. Oversee employee actions, conduct training and evaluate performance. Transferable management skills in budgeting, planning, supervision, team leadership and personnel. Monitor all station expenses, facility maintenance and equipment standards. Work with team to improve fire alarm response time. Drive fire truck, run hoses and operate truck machinery. More Specialty and Professional Resume Examples. Fireman Resume Example by, career wizards Inc. Firefighters time are first responders who protect others in dangerous situations, such as fires, vehicle accidents, and water rescues.

fireman resume

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The candidate has a bachelor of Arts degree in Mass communications with a multiple firefighting certifications and affiliations. Fireman Resume Example juan page 1, fireman Resume Example page 2, firefighter Fireman Resume Example download pdf. Fireman Resume Statements, high level of knowledge in emergency situations, driver firefighting and fire prevention. Respond to medical situations, fires, trapped people / animals, industrial accidents, drowning and incidents caused by violent weather. Capable of hiring, mentoring and leading strong teams with maximized productivity. Extensive experience in the development and documentation of fire enforcement techniques. Took on initiative to manage and oversee all aspects of rescue operations and medical emergency response.

Stop by our longest action verb list in the universe. Below you will find a resume for a professional with job experience as Fireman, fire captain and Fire Chief. It can be a good reference for anyone in municipal service job positions. The resume starts with a headline statement that identifies 25 years of experience in firefighting. The headline is followed by a paragraph summary and list of specific skills that emphasizes specific Job qualification. These areas of strength include firefighting operations, rescue operations, public safety, emergency response, medical services, fire prevention and public education. The job seeker also highlights management skills that include: budgeting, personnel, coaching, training, resource management, facility maintenance, equipment maintenance, policy development, procedure design and team leadership.

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fireman resume

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Choose the right Resume Introduction Choosing an introduction is an essential part of the resume writing process. Job seekers have three choices when it comes to adding an introduction. Bureau of Labor Statistics The candidate in the sample above uses a career objective to highlight three main points: he describes his years of experience, his personality, and ability to work under pressure he shows that he is a team player, consistently collaborating with team. A career objective is a great for way to start a resume for some people, but may not be the best way for you. Use our easy flow chart to determine which resume introduction best suits you. Rg tip ef Up your Professional Experience section Once you have hooked the manager with your introduction, its time to back up the claims you made with examples from your professional experience, listing them in a bullet format. Below, weve chosen the three strongest bullet points from the above sample resume for you to consider.

Weve also bolded the strongest parts of each bullet point: Earned Silver Grade Award for act of bravery during local factory fire, where 150 workers were saved from any life-threatening injuries The above bullet point proves the exceptional service that this candidate has given. An award like this is a token of appreciation from the city for the hard work that this firefighter does on a daily basis. Inspected the firefighting equipment and hydrants, performing minor maintenance repairs that minimized malfunctions by 10 As shown above, the firefighter has to understand the tools that he uses to ensure that he can fight fire. By maintaining it, and being able to make minor repairs, the firefighter can ensure that he can do his job during critical and sometimes life-threatening situations. Successfully controlled wild fire with team of 3 firefighters at local park, through strategic planning and quick-thinking Here, the candidate showed that he was able to successfully control fire from escalating with an initial small team, while waiting for a support team to come. Quick thinking and the ability to work under pressure is essential in this line of work. List of Action Verbs for a firefighter Resume Administer Drove perform Assess Inspect Rescue assist Monitor Respond Applied Operate Train Conduct Participate Use need more action verbs?

Firefighter training academy portland, or, state firefighter Certification, additional skills. Volunteer at McKenzie-willamette medical Center, first Aid and cpr certified, knowledge in Medical Terminology. Emergency response *To read more about how to write the skills and certifications for a firefighter, click here. Firefighter Resume Writing Tips Firefighters are our daily unsung heroes who risk their lives to ensure that no harm comes. They lead dangerous lives, and as such need to follow correct protocols to ensure the safety of our community. . Firefighters need continuous training and require a level-headed mind in order to make quick decisions during emergency situations.

Depending on where they live, they can also earn an above-average wage. Rg tip Below are the best states (in terms of pay) for firefighters: Top paying states for firefighter from the bureau of Labor Statistics If you are thinking of becoming a firefighter, then you should consider the above data when deciding where to work. However, before you can start thinking about where to work, youll need to build your resume first. Heres where to start:. Add Relevant Certifications and Training When it comes to writing a firefighter resume, the key is to include all of your relevant certifications and training. Whether or not you get the job largely depends on if you meet all of the required set by the employer and the state you live. Here are some general certifications that are often necessary for most firefighting positions: Adding certifications can be done one of two ways. If you have a lengthy list, then feel to create a certifications section that you can place right after your resume introduction. On the other hand, if your certs are a bit lacking, then go ahead and include them in your additional skills section at the bottom.

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Trained over 20 volunteer firefighters, providing leadership during evacuations and fire prevention. Presented Fire safety talks in various venues including elementary schools, churches, and local businesses. City of dessay portland, portland, or, firefighter Jan 20, assessed conditions and responded quickly to contain fires, assist victims, and ensure community safety. Inspected firefighting equipment and hydrants, performing minor maintenance repairs that minimized malfunctions. Assisted paramedics in providing first emergency response. Successfully controlled wild fire with team of 3 firefighters at local park, through strategic planning and quick-thinking *To learn how to target your firefighter resume, click here. Education, portland community college portland, or, emergency medical Technology certification (EMT).

fireman resume

Industry-Specific Resume Examples, firefighter Resume (Text Format) 394 East 12th avenue, eugene, or 97403 (541) 647-3357, firefighter with 15 years of experience in firefighting and emergency care. Possess exceptional quick-thinking and calm attitude during high-pressure situations. Proven track record in collaborating with team members to suppress an array of fire levels, that minimize escalations. To read more about how to write a career Objective can improve your resume, click here. Professional experience fire and medical services (City of Eugene) Eugene,. Firefighter and emt Sep 2009 Present. Administered medical care to injured people, providing cpr, first aid, as well as other emergency responses. Earned Silver Grade Award for act of bravery during local factory short fire, where 150 workers were saved from any life-threatening injuries.

excellent interpersonal communications, strong familiarity with fire equipments, apparatus and facilities Working knowledge in alarm boards, receivers and transmitter radios. Table of Contents: Firefighter Resume sample, firefighter Resume (Text Format firefighter Resume Writing Tips. Resources for Firefighters, firefighter Resume sample, candidates situation: Candidate has 15 years of experience and has received award. Candidate has helped trained and provided leadership to volunteer firefighters. Candidate is capable of dealing with high-stress situations by making quick and smart decisions. Make a resume in minutes click here to download, this ms word Firefighter Resume, see also.

participated in the rescue operation during the fire incident in Macys. responded to the alarms or calls for help 24/7. Operated fire equipments pelleas and other related apparatus. performed first aid activities and provided necessary assistance. Metropolitan Firefighters, nashville, tn, conducted fire drills and simulations. collaborated in researching for more advance techniques in resolving fire. coordinated with the team members to ensure success of search rescues. Investigated the main cause of fire incidents.

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Objective, brave and skilled firefighter seeking employment in a new environment and provide quick response to fire incidents. My strong determination to save lives in the event of emergencies will be very helpful in effective fire responses. Personal Information, michael Wolfe 3902 Hill haven Drive, waco, tx 76701 (222)-205-6488. Date of Birth: may 6, 1979, place of Birth: tx, citizenship: American, gender: Male, profile summary. Strong and Determined, self-Reliant and disciplined, quick thinker and flexible. In Criminology, 2002, wichita State University, wichita, ks, employment History. Chief Firefighter, 2007 Present, bridgestone/Firestone Americas, nashville, tn, responsibilities: Ensured the protection of the lives and properties of the people in vicinity.

Fireman resume
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Fire fighter resume templates, including firefighter i and fire eng ineer resume templates. Free downloadable resume template for firefighters. This Sample will provide with all the help you need to prepare and write a cv ( cu rriculum Vitae) for Firefighter cv job Position.

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  1. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. Learn how to write a stand out Firefighter job description. See examples of Firefi ghter job descriptions and other tips to attract great candidates.

  2. The best Firefighter Resume Examples. Discover what to write in the objective, str engths, skills and experience sections of the resume. Find the best Firefighter resume samples to help you improve your own resume.

  3. When it comes to writing a firefighter resume, the key is to include all of your r elevant certifications and training. Here s how you can write your own. Fireman Resume Example for professional who has served as Fire Chief, fire captain, and Rescue officer.

  4. View this sample resume for a firefighter, or download the firefighter resume temp late in Word. Do you have the tools you need to get an Emergency services job? Check out our Fir efighter Resume Example to learn the best resume writing style.

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