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My job experience at the hospital taught me thatpatience, compassion and sensitivity are just as crucial as scientific skills to medicine. Though I had somesleepless nights in the hospital, they were worth the satisfaction. However, i did not feel qualified enough to receive the trust the tribal people gave me so willingly. Ihave this burning desire to expand my knowledge in Internal medicine and to become a great physician. I am dedicated to meeting new challenges and applying the knowledge that I have obtained through allthese years. I realize this will be not an easy road but with perseverance, commitment, and hard work, ibelieve that I can become a valuable addition to your institution.

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While i had many meaningful encounters, oneparticularly stands out. Last year in the month of June, a tribal family brought their only son to thehospital in a stage of coma and respiratory distress because of aspiration. His throat was blocked withthick secretions for which I performed suction and left orders to the nurse on duty to continueintermittent suction. Next morning when I went for rounds I found him in a worsening condition. Thenurse did not do her job properly. The patients family pleaded me to stay with the patient girl and showedenormous trust saying that my presence itself would heal him. I was moved and took care of the patientall by myself. It worked and he came out of coma the next day. His family fell on my feet and offeredtheir thanks in tears. I realized that my future must revolve around instances like this one and that truefulfillment comes from helping another person heal.

The area i management worked in, was hyper-endemic in Malaria and had a high incidence ofTuberculosis. During my service in this area, i was fortunate enough to come across and treat. Successfully the worst cases of Cerebral malaria, black water fever and Disseminated laria in this area presented in all forms-ards, arf, cerebral malaria, black water fever, Gastroenteritis, Anemia, tropical splenomegaly, hemolytic jaundice and liver failure. I was amazed toknow practically how a single disease malaria, unfolded the diversity and challenges in InternalMedicine. This practical experience multiplied my love for Internal Medicine. While working in the hospital, i met many patients struggling with terminal disease. Their courage andwillingness to continue fighting despite diminishing hopes reinforced my commitment to becoming agood physician to assist in this valiant struggle.

im personal statement

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This kindled a strong desire in me to apply theknowledge i have gained and motivated me to join as a medical officer under the State government. Asa government medical officer I worked in a 50 bedded, well equipped hospital in a tribal area for twoyears. These two years gave business me an opportunity to prove myself as a hard-working, compassionatedoctor as well as an excellent administrator. I was successful in winning the confidence of the tribalpatients and consequently i was soon promoted as Hospital Superintendent. During this period I had tosupervise the hospital staff, maintain the hospital, attend the patients and take care of all their is gave me an opportunity to discover and refine my leadership and communication skills. Thehospital under my supervision gradually moved from Grade-c to Grade-a and consistently remained in Athereafter. The government recognized my services and awarded me the best true Medical Officer twiceconsecutively in a year.

Thispropensity for medicine led me to take a highly competitive medical entrance exam in which I wasplaced in the top 1 and i eventually got admitted in to xxxxxx medical College, a premier medicalinstitute which is ranked as the fourth best medical college in undergraduate. The excellent faculty and fouraffiliated 500 bed multi-specialty hospitals provided me with hands-on experience right from the start. Iconsistently maintained good grades in all the subjects but I found myself inclined more towardsInternal Medicine because Internal Medicine offers a great variety and diagnostic challenges. Eventually, i obtained second best score in General Medicine in university final examination. During my clinicalclerkships, i experienced a variety of medical specialties but consistently found Internal Medicine to bethe most interesting. I was also impressed with the knowledge of physicians and their ability to treat themost acutely ill patient, who led me realize the importance of the physician in the medical environment. During my one year internship in xxxxxx hospital, i had the privilege of working with some of the finestdoctors of our dical education is not completed in the medical school. It is only begun. My internship in the collegewas completely under supervision of excellent physicians.

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im personal statement

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At seven I wanted for to be napoleon. And my ambition has beengrowing ever since"-Salvador entry in improve to medical profession was by no means a chance occurrence. I call it Destiny. I originallybecame interested in medicine in my teens because of a very important incident in my life. I come froman agriculture family in which no one has studied beyond high school. I had two aunts who sufferedfrom paranoid schizophrenia.

Their paranoia made them unacceptable to the family because the familyhad no knowledge of the pathology. They were not given any treatment. Consequently, one of my auntsdied of refractory schizophrenia. Eventually, my family realized that my aunts were not mentally normaland got my second aunt treated. She had a remarkable recovery. This incident made me realize thedifference medicine had made to my family. This incident sparked my interest in medicine and it gotconfirmed when I discovered my predilection towards biology in my higher secondary school.

The variety and complexity of the problems i encountered offered the intellectual stimulation that I desired in a medical field. I admired my attendings' breadth of knowledge across various medical disciplines, and I took pleasure in collaborating with physicians of all specialties, especially when the diagnosis proved to be difficult. The opportunity for close patient contact was also an appealing aspect. With fewer responsibilities than an intern, i found that as a third-year medical student I was able to spend more time with my patients, explaining how a diagnosis is made and what treatments might be required. Encouraged by these experiences with my patients, i was inspired to learn more about their conditions, not only for my own personal knowledge but also for their education as well. I have many attributes to contribute to internal medicine.

My experiences as a secondary education school teacher, Special Olympics swim coach, and elected class officer attest to my ability to lead and educate others. I am also analytical and detail-oriented, characteristics which originally led me to complete an undergraduate degree in economics. After my first year of medical school, i was awarded a scholarship to conduct research in the field of trauma surgery, an experience which enhanced my problem solving skills. In addition, my years as a varsity swimmer at duke university have endowed me with certain traits that will not only make me a successful internist but also a well-balanced physician. These qualities include a never-ending quest for personal improvement, pride in my work or training, and the ability to focus on several tasks while balancing personal and professional obligations. Internal medicine personal Statement, successfully reported this slideshow. Statement, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, no downloads. No notes for slide. Internal Medicine sample 1At the age of six I wanted to be a cook.

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At last I comprehended the importance of the basic science years as it related to patient care. I continued to follow this patient every day, and the responsibility of caring for someone's health had both a significant and fulfilling impact. I gained immense satisfaction from treating the whole pelleas person: her emotional needs as well as her medical needs. After completing my twelve weeks on internal medicine, i discovered that four months later this patient was re-admitted for a pulmonary embolus, which combined with her diminished lung function, ultimately resulted in her passing away. Although I was only a small part of this woman's care, i still felt connected to her. While her death saddened me, it also made me conscious of the potential rewards, such as lasting patient-doctor relationships, which could only come out of providing a lifetime of care to each of my patients. Upon the completion of my third-year rotations, i felt that the role of the internist most closely matched my interests and abilities.

im personal statement

Of course you do! I want a clear essay idea that you want to be a nephrologist or whatever it is that you want. Throughout medical school I have committed myself to finding the one specialty that aligns perfectly with my personality and future goals. While this task seemed straightforward and uncomplicated, i soon realized during my third-year clerkships that every area of medicine offered aspects i enjoyed. After exploring other specialties, i reflected on the qualities that I wished to possess as a physician. I envisioned myself as compassionate, respected, and knowledgeable, traits which I realized embodied the field of internal medicine. My intense self-reflection, combined with my medical school experiences, solidified my decision to pursue a residency in internal medicine. The first patient i admitted while on my third-year internal medicine clerkship was an African American lady who was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. After I completed my history and physical, i realized the questions I had asked relied upon my ability to combine my knowledge of pathophysiology along with the clinical presentation of a disease process.

me that you want to go back to your country when you are done unless you are going. Be as specific as you can. Writing in general terms makes your statement read the same as everyone else. Telling me that you want to train in a hospital that gives you good training is a waste of words.

Overall, the shorter statements work better. Dont go to resume the character maximum. I dont want to spend more than three minutes reading your statement. I have lots to read and most of them are badly written. I know that you did not study English literature or spent years working as a journalist. I expect the statements to be awful. They dont have.

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Five paragraphs, five sentences each paragraph. No drama, no stories. Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and write down 5 things about your journey so far. By the end of the statement, i want to know where you came from, what you have done and what you want. Write these things out using simple phrases. Then let it sit and come back tomorrow and fill in some of the gaps. Write more about each idea until you have 5 groups. Work each group into a short universities paragraph.

Im personal statement
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  4. No drama, no stories. Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and write down 5 things about your journey so far. Achieve the internal medicine residency of your dreams with the help of our professional service!

  5. This personal statement won 32 interviews for this applicant! Personal Statement, library is now open! These sample personal statements are here for your viewing pleasure (fully anonymous).We re hoping to add more in the future, including Pre-med personal statements. Five paragraphs, five sentences each paragraph.

  6. These sample Internal Medicine residency personal statements are here for your viewing pleasure (fully anonymous).We re hoping to add more in the future, including Pre-med personal statements. The University of nevada, reno School of Medicine has provided a sample personal statement to help medical students succeed in the internal medicine specialty. Believe it or not!

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