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The grown-ups, at first, seem like familiar caricatures of adolescent-centered cinema: square, sad and clueless. But Junos father (J. Simmons) and step-mother turn out to be complicated, intelligent people, too, and not just because they are played by two of the best character actors around. Codys script and. Reitmans understated, observant direction allow the personalities of the characters to emerge slowly, and to change in credible and unpredictable ways. This is especially true of Mark and Vanessa the babys potential adoptive parents. The audiences initial impression of them, like junos, is of stereotypically smug yuppies trapped in rickety conventions of heterosexual domesticity.

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Its like having the delicious cynicism of Ghost World and heathers, but without any traces of the concomitant cruelty. Thanks to a perfectly judged three-act structure that follows the emotional highs and lows of Junos winter-to-summer pregnancy, the film saves its aces for last. Without giving too much away, after all that flip hipster yacking, resume the scenes that finally bring the tears are almost wholly without dialogue. As with all great wits, when it comes down to it, juno knows exactly when to shut. A sharp-edged, sweet-centred, warm-hearted coming-of-age movie thats always just that little bit smarter than you think it is). A good deal of the credit for this goes. Page, a 20-year-old Canadian who is able to seem, in the space of a single scene, mature beyond her years and disarmingly childlike. The naïveté that peeks through her flippant, wised-up facade is essential, since part of the movies point is that Juno is not quite as smart or as capable as she thinks she. Its not simply that she has impulsive, unprotected sex with her friend paulie bleeker or that she decides, against the advice of parents and friends, to have the baby and give it up for adoption. These, indeed, are choices she is prepared to defend and to live with. Rather, junos immaturity resides in her familiar adolescent assumption that she understands the world better than her elders do, and that she can finesse the unintended consequences of her decisions.

Simmons) and stepmom (Allison Janney). Here is a young girl whos been raised by a blue-collar father who uses humour as a mark of character: Junos wit is a mask for her insecurities and a valuable defence against a cruel world. Junos softer side is first glimpsed in her relationship with the babys father, paulie (another disarmingly awkward turn from Superbads Michael Cera). But amidst Junos teen-comedy conventions, cody, reitman and cast set about undermining them. When we first meet the adoptive parents in their suburban McMansion, the wife, vanessa (Jennifer Garner is presented as an uptight control-freak, leaving our sympathies resting with Jason Batemans Mark, a former grunge musician metamorphosis who now writes commercial jingles. But as Juno finds herself drawn to mark and his collection of manga comics, the mood turns eerie: Im dealing with things way beyond my maturity level, she tells her dad, in a moment that reveals just how young Juno truly. Its scenes like this that give the film depth, as Juno gradually discovers whos on her side in lifes battle.

juno review

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Instead of being regarded as the runty late arrival, juno received more coverage than the other two films paper put together. Some even talked Oscars for the films 19-year-old Canadian star Ellen Page and scripter diablo cody. Others noted that, of the three films, juno was the only one to give more than a passing mention to the shmashmortion issue. Then there were those who raged at the films flippant approach to such a serious Subject. Juno is sure to divide uk audiences too and, while the ayes have it, the films first ten minutes might see you siding with the nays. The second film from Jason reitman, following his glib debut Thank you for Smoking, and the first script from cody, juno initially suffers from a callow need to impress. Our too-cool-to-be-true heroine (listens to The Stooges, affects a pipe) is introduced in scenes loaded with zingers that threaten to derail the film before its even started. Thankfully, after Juno has purchased her home pregnancy test from a corrosive store clerk and informed her cheerleader best friend leah (Olivia thirlby) of the big news, the pace and tone shifts. Following Junos visit to a dispiriting abortion clinic comes a surprisingly warm scene in the family home where juno breaks the news to her dad (J.

Kid, 10 years old november 2, 2009 age 13, great for teens. Although this sounds unappropriate, but i was 9 when i first saw this movie, on the. On a plane, and it probably wasn't suitable at the time but as soo. Continue reading, what's the story? Our hope is that whether you're a parent, youth leader or teen, the information and tools at Plugged In will help you and your family make appropriate media decisions. We are privileged to do the work we do, and are continually thankful for the generosity and support from you, our loyal readers, listeners and friends. 2007 was Hollywoods year Of The Unplanned-Pregnancy comedy. First we had Adrienne Shelleys waitress; next was Judd Apatows Knocked Up; then, in December, juno was delivered in the.

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juno review

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Language, language is colorful (lots of variations on the words "s-t as well as uses of "a-hole "bastard and "dick creative f-ketty and frequent. Juno flashes the finger once. Consumerism, juno drinks from a bottle of Sunny d (label clearly visible mentions of Smirnoff Ice, boons, Adderall, sonic youth, pellegrino, and Vitamin water. Much swooning over guitar brands like les paul and Fender. Drinking, Drugs smoking, discussion of both drinking and taking drugs, but writing no glimpses of actual use of either.

Juno mentions selling her Adderall (an add drug). Parent of a 6 year old Written. LB2010, december 25, 2010 age 14 mixed feelings, it's a good movie, but I have mixed feelings about some of the messages. Yes, it's about a teenager taking responsibility for an unintended pregnancy. Continue reading, parent of a 14 year old Written. Alexis46, september 10, 2009 age 17, teen, 15 years old Written. PeanutButterAndKelly, february 23, 2009 age 14, really Great movie, 14, i saw this when i was nearly 14, when it first came out, and it's a really great teen movie, with resume sarcastic humor from the protagonists, but mature in how.

There are no convenient shifts of character or improbable attractions required to reach its happy ending: It's all right there from the beginning, waiting to unfold. Jump to navigation, common Sense says, pG minutes. A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive messages, teens engage in premarital sex and don't appear to treat their virginity very seriously. Serious issues like abortion are treated with irreverence.

But little of it feels disrespectful; rather, it appears to reflect a general sense of hyperawareness among today's teens. Positive role models representations, despite her jaded exterior, juno is intelligent, resilient, and resourceful and ultimately acts out of concern and love. Her parents are supportive, even though they're also disappointed. Nothing but verbal sparring. Plenty of talk - this is, after all, a movie about a teenager who gets pregnant - but little is seen onscreen. There are flashes of a 16-year-old's bare legs and hints that she and her partner have removed their underwear, but there's no real nudity (though the boy takes his shirt off, the girl keeps hers on). Words like "humping" are bandied about to discuss hookups, some of which are described as "magnificent." a young couple kisses tenderly.

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Early on, the film seems as though it may amount to little more than a retrolisthesis series of ironic jibes, especially during the somewhat off-key scene in which a drug-store cashier (Rainn Wilson. The Office ) sells, juno a series of dubious quips fertile myrtle "your Eggo is preggo along with her pregnancy tests. But it soon settles into a rhythm in which even the sharpest jokes-say, paulie applying Speed Stick to his inner thighs in preparation for a jog while the kinks' "a well-Respected Man" plays in the background-are pitched in an endearing key. The obvious comparison is with Judd Apatow's recent oeuvre, and plenty of people are already describing the movie. Knocked Up from a girl's perspective. Juno 's accidental parents are about a decade younger than Apatow's, a better description might. Knocked Up from an adult perspective. Juno recognizes that some overgrown boys never really do make their peace with maturity, and may, in fact, actively choose to go the other way.

juno review

She gets to know the lorings better: sweet but maternally desperate vanessa (Jennifer Garner) and-especially-wry, boyish Mark (Jason Bateman). Mark is a former would-be rock musician-turned-composer of what he describes as "more commercial stuff"-"like what?" Juno asks. "Commercials he explains-and Juno takes to hanging out with him while his wife is away at work, bonding over her precocious appreciation. Iggy pop and Dario argento. Just as the story appears to be headed toward a distasteful liaison, though, it veers in a more humane direction, one that allows for irresponsibility and disappointment without venturing into social. Indeed, one of the great pleasures. Juno is that it is able to distinguish between a bad situation (being 16 years old and pregnant) and truly unhappy circumstances: Juno's parents are disappointed but not disapproving; the lorings, while not quite as they first appear, never slip into callous caricature; and paulie. Juno herself, moreover, wastes no time on self-pity: even her moment of greatest despair is an unselfish one, occasioned not by her own predicament but by the worry that it may be impossible for any two people to beat the odds and remain in love. This generosity of spirit is, juno 's most pleasant surprise.

finds that, as a pregnant woman, she is the centre of attention, and in offering her child for adoption, she has dizzying power over rich adults. It is a power that gives her insight and clarity, and humbles her elders. Like i said: this film is a happy pill. Juno's initial thoughts turn to abortion, but a visit to a clinic where the receptionist asks her to catalogue "every score and every sore" soon has her checking ads in the pennysaver for couples seeking to adopt. And so, with the support of her dad (J. Simmons) and stepmom (Allison Janney she tracks down a well-off suburban couple, the. Lorings, eager for her baby. Seasons change, and so does the size of Juno's belly.

Mark is a cool composer with a guitar collection, secretly unreconciled to fatherhood; inevitably he begins a dangerous flirtation with. Juno, whose baby threatens to destroy the marriage it was intended to complete, and to undermine juno's own future in ways she had not begun to imagine. It may be that like judd Apatow's comedy Knocked Up, juno will be criticised for neglecting to endorse abortion, or to reflect that this is the option that is the most tenable in real life. In this paper, hadley freeman recently wrote an insightful article, noting that Juno is not the product of an anti-abortion culture, but one which has taken abortion for granted. But this needn't mean abortion rights are being slighted; it would be a relief to see a culture in which, say, evolution was taken for granted. Juno is a fiction with irresistible charm and wit and Page carries vegetarianism everything before her, creating a character with a powerful sense of right and wrong, an overwhelming belief in monogamy, and a nascent talent for leadership. The film owes its power to Ellen Page's lovely performance and to cody's funny script, which treats the subject of status with shrewdness and compassion.

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A naked Nicole kidman was once famously described as "pure theatrical viagra in this thoroughly delightful teen comedy, the fully clothed. Ellen Page is pure cinematic Prozac. With its smart dialogue by newcomer diablo cody and a miraculously effective and evocative lo-fi soundtrack, the film has the ephemeral charm of a great pop song. Page plays Juno macGuff, a hyper-articulate 16-year-old who has cultivated sarky irony to insulate her against the pain and awfulness of being a teenager. In a spirit of experiment she has had sex for the first time with paulie (Michael Cera with whom she was once in a band. Paulie was also surrendering his virginity, or as Juno puts it, "going live". As ill fortune would have it, juno gets pregnant the first time out, and is catapulted in a world of genuine grown-up experience to match and exceed her super-cool mannerisms. Unable global to express his deeply hurt and confused feelings, paulie shrugs and lets Juno do what she wants, and she decides to keep the baby and find a couple for adoption. This turns out to be the uptight yuppies Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner).

Juno review
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  3. Read Common Sense media. Juno review, age rating, and parents guide.

  4. Read the Empire review of Juno. Find out everything you need to kn ow about the film from the world s biggest movie destination. Brilliant teen-pregnancy comedy, but iffy for kids.

  5. Here s my advice: Before you see juno-and you really, really should see juno- forget everything you ve heard or read about diablo cody. Peter Bradshaw: Ellen Page s charm offensive nails adolescent t rauma in this new pregnancy comedy. And she s one-of-a-kind. Is Juno a pro- life role model or just a mixed-up kid with the gift of gab?

  6. You can tell by the opening title sequence that this mo vie has a lot of heart. The unique dialogue may come off as annoying to some. Juno movie reviews metacritic score: Juno stars Ellen Page as the title char acter, a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate. Critics Consensus: On e of the brightest, funniest comedies of the year, juno s smart script and.

  7. Jason reitman s juno is just about the best movie of the year. It is very smart, very funny and very touching; it begins with the pacing. Juno respects the idiosyncrasies of its characters rather than e xaggerating them or holding them up for ridicule. Juno has an effect on you.

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