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It isnt always necessary to prominently describe the role you fulfilled back in 1985. No doubt the industry in which you worked then, has changed. You have changed too. What matters for many employers is your recent (say, the last 10 years) employment history. Besides, you can do so much more now than you could do in 1985. So, it is okay to summarize positions you held a long time ago and to briefly describe highlights.

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Your resumé should tell your personal story. The lay-out of your Resume is Inadequate. The font Times New Roman is very classic. Your resumé will look better if internet you use more modern fonts like arial, calibri or Tahoma. Also make sure, that the lay-out is consistent, dont use two different fonts in your resumé and make sure that the variation in font size (headings. Text) is the same throughout. Make sure that the overall lay-out is such that it is easy to scan and read your resumé, make use of white space. Modest use of color is fine, but be careful with it and ask yourself if that is appropriate in your industry or in your profession. Your Resume goes Back a long Time. As we progress through our careers, we add to our employment history.

Many old-fashioned resumés contain formal language and corporate language that not everybody understands. An example: ensuring correct and jit-fulfillment of the order flow so that the logistical performance is optimized according to where pre-set kpis. Translation: making sure that correct processing of orders leads to timely delivery to customers. Use clear language, write short lines (use bullet points) and dont copy formal job descriptions. There Are listings of Tasks and Responsibilities in your Resume Instead of Results and Accomplishments. In many resumés one finds endless listings of formal tasks and responsibilities. They read like job descriptions. Try this: use a few lines to summarize your (main) tasks and beef up your resumé by listing your accomplishments or results, including numbers and/or percentages. That will give a far better picture of what you are capable of and beats job descriptions.

resume for the post of

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In this post I will give you 5 telltale signs to help you figure out if your friendship resumé needs a makeover:. Your Resume contains an Obsolete Objective. I am looking for a senior management role where i can use my managerial experience and strategic skills to manage marketing and sales operations Yawn. To put it bluntly: Employers dont care what you want. The employer wants a solution for his problem and he hopes to find that solution in your resumé. Client-focused senior sales manager. Writing that makes a more powerful impression, thats something that could catch that employers universities attention. Theres (a lot of) Corporate Speak and/or Complicated Language in your Resume.

Low Prices, high Prices. 5 telltale signs why your resumé is out of fashion. Many people continue to use one and the same resumé  year after year. A document that was created (very) long ago, updated from time to time by adding a new address or telephone number and a new position. Fact is that about 80 of all people struggle with their resumés. They are not good at selling themselves, they are not skilled in writing resumés  they hate writing resumés and sometimes laziness prevents them from writing a crisp, modern resumé  They ask themselves: Why should I? Why change my resumé  everything that should be there is in there, so why bother? Well, dont underestimate the importance of having a decent resumé or. It can and will make the difference in getting you an invitation for a job interview or not.

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Alison Green, of, ask a manager fame, wrote in March that would-be employees should perhaps be leery of the service. Facebook jobs connects job seekers and job posters through Facebook messenger — so anyone who applies for work through Facebook jobs is, of course, connecting that application to their public Facebook profile. And that means that any employer who clicks your name to learn more about you report may, indeed, learn more — a lot more. Including things that you would ordinarily leave out of a job application. In short, there are reasons that millions of us may be wisely uneasy with combining our work and play personas — and thats without even branching into the many lines of work, from therapy to adult entertainment, where its best to keep ones friends and. Want more consumer news?

Visit our parent organization, consumer Reports, for the latest on scams, recalls, and other consumer issues. Refine search, cancel, list Gallery, sort By: Sort by, most Recent. Low Prices, high Prices 0, watchlist view All Clear All. Click the star icon in your favorite listings to add items to your Watchlist. Or, login to see your previously saved Watchlist. Or, Email, sort by, most Recent.

While facebook is, by far, the dominant social networking site, its rarely used for professional networking. Instead, people go to places like microsofts LinkedIn when it comes time to look for a job or just put their resumés out there. But in Facebooks quest to be all things to all users, it is testing new features that mimic much of what youd see on LinkedIn. Some new features are popping up in testing on Facebook, the next Web reports. The new fields basically expand on Facebooks current Work and Education section, and let users fill in very granular-level details about their jobs, past and present. Basically, you can build in a whole resumé or cv on top of your existing personal profile, with all your job titles and the dates you held them neatly slotted.

If youre thinking, but my aunts, high school classmates, and that guy i dated for three months dont care about my job titles, facebook feels you. The information you add in the resumé feature doesnt really show up on your profile. Instead, it basically goes into a big vortex of data that, The next Web surmises, will become accessible to recruiters and folks who post vacant jobs. Were currently testing a work histories feature to continue to help people find and businesses hire for jobs on Facebook, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to The next Web, but declined to say if this feature would be rolled out more broadly anytime soon. Facebook added the, facebook jobs module to to the site early this year, to comparatively little fanfare. That service — a digital Help Wanted sign, more or less — allows any business with a page to create and share job listings for their company. While facebook would no doubt like to entice users to consider Facebook a professional-friendly platform, and would like to get paid money by companies that list and fill positions, it may not be such a great idea for users.

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Again, similarly to jobrary, creddle offers print and export options in different formats (docx, html, pdf and you can set the status of your resume to private. The social aspect is covered under the Share menu from which you can publish links to your resumé on Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. Jobrary is the older of the two services, and it shows. However, it makes up for its Web-2.0-like appearance with simplicity and ease of use. Some users might feel intimidated by the sheer amount of options in Creddle that are spread across cascading menus. If youre looking for a quick way to post your resumé online, jobrary is probably a better choice. On the other hand, if you enjoy tweaking the tiniest details and want a visually attractive resumé, creddle has all global you need. Do you use an online resumé or portfolio service? Feel free to recommend some in the comments).

resume for the post of

The first impression of, creddle is that it looks very slick and modern. It offers a practical demo or test-mode where you essay can try it out before creating an account. The navigation is menu-based, with options accessible from toolbars at the top and a customizer sidebar with multiple levels. Your Creddle resumé can be completely based on one of the offered templates, or you can use the extensive customization options to change every single element of your resumé. From colors to fonts, sizes and formatting, all options are listed in menus in the sidebar. Changes can be previewed instantly in the main area on the right. Like jobrary, creddle also lets you choose which sections to include, and you can reorder them by drag-and-dropping. Adding actual content to your resumé is done from the content option from the top menu. Here you will also find a cover Letter option, currently in early-access phase (you can earn your way in by inviting friends to join Creddle).

experience, certification, skills, and references. You can also add custom sections and have multiple entries under one section (just click the Add another entry button when its visible). Adding portfolio items isnt complicated either just switch to the portfolio tab and upload content youre proud. Its also possible to embed different types of media (from, soundcloud ) by linking to them. Portfolio items are organized in (sub)folders or Galleries, and although this feature is most suitable for digital artists and multimedia creators, you can also share blog posts or pdf presentations. When youre done and happy with your new resumé, you can export it to pdf, print it or email it directly from your Jobrary profile which is practical when applying for jobs. Just be careful and dont include too much personal information (like your home address or phone numbers as there are known cases of scammers stealing CVs and impersonating job seekers. When sharing a resumé in pdf format, its wise to watermark it, make it read-only or at least stamp it with the exact date and job position for which it was created.

The interface is simple, divided into three tabs for editing your resumé, portfolio and account settings. The settings are rudimentary: you can only change the display type of the profile (to show your resumé, portfolio, or both your password and profile url. This is probably enough, as the focus should be on your resumé. Your profile can be set to private in the top right corner. When this filsafat option is activated, the visitors only see a this user has restricted their profile message. Its a good idea to keep your profile private while youre customizing. Jobrary uses a modular approach, meaning youre free to choose which sections of your resumé will be displayed on your page.

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You should never let your resumé sit stale. There are so many tools to help you update it, spice it up and short share it online. You can rely on LinkedIn, transform. WordPress site into a portfolio, or use an online resumé service. If youre still searching for a solution, consider Creddle or Jobrary. Both are simple to use, and the result is a professional overview of your skills and experience. To use, jobrary, you need an account create it either by logging in with your Facebook information or by registering via email. You can make a unique url for your Jobrary profile; to strengthen your personal brand and online presence, its recommended that this url contain your (full) name or something relevant to your career.

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(Director: Irena salina award winning documentary. Job postings are free of charge to members and are competitively priced for recruiters).

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  2. Search Gumtree free classified Ads for Post your resume (For job seeker) and more. Well, dont underestimate the importance of having a decent resumé. You never know which qualifications at the bottom of the page your experience or skills will align with most closely. winner Chasing the beast, (The denver Post, staff july 1, 2014.

  3. that you are a good fit for the applied position and the company itself, use keywords that the company uses to characterize itself. Unfortunately for you, for every available job out there in the real world, there are hundreds, if not thousands of very qualified. Have resumés you use for each faction of the pursuit your child. Find Post your resume ( For job seeker)!

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  6. Resume preparation guidelines for the post of, digital Marketing Director. a part of our task, we got Representation. We need to look for that how a prospective employee should represent himself beyond the. If youre looking for a quick way to post your resumé online, jobrary is probably a better choice.

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