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Click here to learn more! Gains as reported by hulbert Financial Digest and Mark hulbert. June 30, 2018, how a little canadian advisory outperformed every canadian equity fund over the past 20 years and also beat the market indices. Over the past 20 years, the modestly priced Investment Reporter has outperformed every canadian equity mutual fund. Here are the facts, as reported by the leading independent investment rating service: fact: over a period of 20 years, from 1996 to 2016, The Investment Reporter 's stock recommendations enjoyed a compound annualized return.8 per cent. Compare that with the 20-year compound annualized return for all Canadian equity mutual funds: just.0 per cent.

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Un-t.97 - davis henderson Inc. Un-t.08 - Manulife financial mfc-t 25 - -26 riocan reit rei. Un-t.72 - Shaw Communications sjr. B-t.11 - -4.8 *Merged with Suncor Energy in August, 2009 Ticker key: ttsx, nnyse essay source: Globe Investor Follow Rob on Facebook. He's at Rob Carrick - personal Finance. The Investment Reporter has been steering a steady, profitable course for Canadian investors since 1941. Now you can get its proven approach to investing — and much, much more — online. This remarkable service gives you: Up-to-the-minute advice from the Investment Planning Committee. reference to an archive of back issues. Email notification as soon as a new issue is available. And, of course, you also receive the same award-winning advice investors in the know have been profiting from for over 70 years!

26/09 Price change since xmas rcmdtn canadian Utilities cu-t.42 - -1.9 Emera Inc. Ema-t.75 - Fort Chicago Energy partners fce. UN.3 - royal Bank of Cda ry-t.58 - TransCanada corp. Trp-t.8 - -8.4 Internet wealth builder Ticker Price (Oct. 26/09 Price change since rcmdtn diageo plc deo-n.34 - Enbridge enb-t. New Flyer Industries nfi. Un-t.03 - Research in Motion rim-t.85 - Sun Life financial slf-t.85 - The moneyletter Ticker Price (Oct. 26/09 Price change since rcmdtn bell Aliant Income fund.

the investment reporter

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T-t.44 - -19 Toronto-dominion Bank td-t.43 - *merged with Suncor Energy with shareholders receiving.28 Suncor shares for every pca share. The successful Investor Ticker Price resume (Oct. 30/08) 2008 ytd price change when rcmded 52-week low Price nov. 26/09 Price change since rcmdtn bank of nova scotia bns-t.8 - Gennum Corp. Gnd-t.15 - -41.9 igm financial igm-t.36 - Linamar Corp. Lnr-t.92 - ShawCor Ltd. A-t.25 - Money reporter Ticker 2008 ytd price change when rcmded 52-week low Price nov.


Luckily, the newsletters saw past them. Newsletter Credibity Check: Here are some of the "buy" rated stocks mentioned in some major investing newsletters in October, 2008 while the stock markets plunged. The Investment Reporter, ticker, price oct. ytd price change when rcmded 52-week low, price nov. Price change since rcmdtn, general Electric, ge-n.35 - -16.4. Petro-canada pca-t.39 -44.8 Potash Corp. Pot-t 106.64 -27.1.81 116.03.8 Telus Corp.

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the investment reporter

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What worked: iwb was the one newsletter of the five to have a perfect record. Each of the five picks made last October was higher as of late this week, although some made it by mere millimetres. One impressive thing about iwb's picks is that they included only one defensive name, enbridge. The other picks were nicely diversified throughout the economy. Reality check: diageo's gains were eaten up by the appreciation of the canadian dollar against its. What didn't work: Not applicable. The moneyletter, who's Behind It: mpl communications, what it said in October, 2008: "Each crisis is a little different, and this one is particularly special, in how it manifests itself.

But each crisis is also similar, in that they all pass eventually, and they are very often followed by a significant rally as confidence in the future resurges.". What worked: A trio of income trusts all made at least a little money. The best return came from Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income fund, a good defensive name. What didn't work: Manulife financial, bradbury the worst performer in the s p/tsx capped financials index in 2009 and, these days, the financial stock most likely to surprise shareholders in a bad way. Though it's disappointing to see manulife down about 11 per cent while the capped financial index has gained 35 per cent year to date, it's worth noting that Manulife fell as low.02 in March, 2009. Dark days, those were.

But Linamar and ShawCor were true home runs. Both are smaller companies in sectors that were reeling last fall - auto parts for Linamar and industrials for ShawCor. What didn't work: Gennum, a tech stock that has fizzled after hitting.50 in January. Money reporter, who's Behind It: mpl communications, what it said in October, 2008: "What we will say is that this is no time to panic and sell all your stocks and income trusts, and move everything into bonds.". What worked: Except for royal Bank of Canada, the money reporter went with a slate of defensive names.

As it turned out, rbc was the pick of the bunch, thanks to a year-to-date gain of about 17 per cent. Two of the defensive choices, fort Chicago Energy partners and Emera, delivered solid gains and at no time fell as much as the broader market. What didn't work: Canadian Utilities and TransCanada corp. In a fast-rising market like we've seen this year, no one's much interested in playing defence. Final note: TransCanada has a dividend yield.5 per cent. Just try getting that from a bond these days. Internet wealth builder, who's Behind It: Investing writer Gordon Pape. What it said in October, 2008: "Over the long haul, those who invest in solid companies today will be richly rewarded. But in the short term, they may have to reach for the tylenol.".

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Telus is the more surprising blotch on The Investment Reporter's record. As a telecom stock, telus should have held up better. The problem has been investor concern about heightened wireless phone competition. Note that Telus shares now yield about.5 per cent, which is roughly two to three percentage points more than you can get from a five-year guaranteed investment certificate. The successful Investor, who's Behind It: Veteran stock picker and newsletter publisher Patrick Mckeough. What it said in October, 2008: "The market's drop seems to have turned into a panic reaction that is out of proportion to what's going on in the economy. however, we think prices of many stocks are low enough now that we'll look back rainbow on them a few years from now as bargains.". What worked: Calling a rebound for Bank of nova scotia and igm financial was hardly inspirational because these are dominant stocks in their sectors.

the investment reporter

What it said in its five weekly editions in October, 2008: "Just keep in mind that the stock market selloff gives you an excellent buying opportunity. This is especially true of the hard-hit Canadian banks." " it's impossible to consistently outsmart all other investors to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. Rather than attempt this feat, we feel that you'd do better holding a well-diversified portfolio of high-quality, dividend-paying companies.". What worked: Potash Corp. And td bank have both snapped back nicely, and Petro-canada merged with Suncor Energy in a deal that valued its shares at a 25-per-cent premium. That was a win for Petrocan shareholders. What didn't work: General Electric is sort of a proxy for the global economy, which is in recession right now. Ge might have worked out better here mentor if not for a dividend cut this past February.

the highlighted stocks blew. And while few of the picks outperformed the 20-per-cent gain of the s p/tsx composite index since the end of October, 2008, most have done better than the bonds, guaranteed investment certificates and money market funds that investors have been clinging to lately. It's not just the newsletters that survived this credibility check, though. At a time when lots of investors have been parking cash in do-nothing money market funds and savings accounts, the idea of buying quality stocks in a terrible market has also proved sound. Let's go through the newsletters one by one: The Investment Reporter, who's Behind It: mpl communications, a major publisher of investing newsletters.

Hulbert Financial Digest simulates the buying and selling of everything the letter recommends. Canada's biggest investing newsletters have passed the biggest credibility check they may ever face. In the midst of a historic stock market plunge a year ago, these newsletters told readers to chill out and buy stocks. With surprisingly few exceptions, that was just the right approach. The successful Investor told readers to buy linamar Corp., which had lost more than 60 per cent of its value since letter the beginning of 2008. Linamar has almost doubled since it was recommended. The Investment Reporter highlighted Toronto-dominion Bank, which has since risen almost 17 per cent.

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Newsletter: Investment Reporter, editor: Marc Johnson, address: 133 Richmond. Toronto, m5H 3M8 Canada, phone: (800) 804-8846, e-mail: website:. The Investment Reporter was first published in 1941. This Canadian based newsletter covers both. It produces ten recommendation lists, 5 of Canadian stocks and 5. Based on fundamentals, each portfolio ranges in risk from conservative to speculative. The newsletter claims that from 1987 to 2007, it has outperformed every canadian equity mutual fund. As of February 2010, hulbert Financial Digest metamorphosis cites returns on the newsletter for the previous 12 months to date, 1 year.10, 3 years.03, 5 years.39, and 10 years.79.

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  2. Who s Behind It: mpl communications, a major publisher of investing. Our local library has a subscription to The Investment Reporter, a n investment advisory newsletter. The newsletter covers Canadian equities.

  3. The Investment Reporter was first published in 1941. This Canadian based newslette r covers both. It produces ten recommendation. Let s go through the newsletters one by one: The Investment re porter.

  4. Canada s most consistently successful stock market advisory, the Investment re porter has been steering a steady, profitable course for Canadian investors. 27; July 6, 2018. Investment Planning guide; key stocks for you r portfolio; 3 portfolios from our Best buys; Stock markets and stocks are.

  5. Please send questions or comments. Try The Investment Reporter today for just.83 a week billed monthly to your cre dit card. Cancel whenever you want. There s no fixed term.

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  7. The Investment Reporter has been steering a steady, profitable course for Canadian investors since 1941. Now you can get its proven approach to investing. Investors who followed the independent advice of The Investment Reporter pocketed gains higher than the top equity fund.

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