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best female fantasy writers

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3 I'd done a lot of videos and wasn't always a hundred percent thrilled. For the most part, i was never thrilled with the results, so i figured I would give directing a shot. It was a pretty simple concept. Most of the scenes were featured at the amusement park, at a late-night outdoor celebration. I was really happy to be able to include. D.B in the remix video. 3 Following in their actions, carey joins in the festivities and hops atop a car and begins singing and dancing to the strong bass and r b beat playing from the stereos. The video also contains a scene involving a lovable young girl who tries to emulate carey and whose character reappears in the video for Carey's single " Shake it Off " (2005).

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Party on, mariah." 30 Carey has stated that the bad boy remix contributed to over half of the sales of "Fantasy". 31 The assignments "Bad boy mix" and "Def Club Mix" would be featured on 2003's The remixes, while the "Bad boy fantasy" version would feature on 2015's Number 1 to Infinity. Music video edit carey in the music video of "Fantasy riding Playland's "Dragon coaster". The single's music video was the first that Carey directed entirely on her own. Carey had been open about the fact that she had not been happy with some of her previous music videos. 3 She therefore decided to single-handedly direct the video, so the outcome would to her exact choosing. Carey said her inspiration for the video was to give off a "free and open feeling trying to portray the freedom she had finally achieved in being allowed to direct her first video. 32 online The video for "Fantasy" debuted on September 7, at the " mtv video music Awards." The video begins with Carey rollerblading in front of the boardwalk entrance at Playland amusement park, located in rye, new York, and riding The Dragon coaster, the parks signature. 3 The video continues with various snippets of Carey until the end of the second verse. Afterwards, the video switches to a night time scene that involves people dancing in the parking lot and on top cars.

27 While columbia allowed Carey more leniency with the thesis music she recorded, they became hesitant when she featured Ol' dirty bastard in the remix for "Fantasy." 28 They feared the sudden change was completely left field for her music, and worried it would jeopardize the. 28 Finally, the bad boy remix used guest raps from. D.B and background vocals by puff Daddy. Some of the song's r b elements were removed for the remix, while the bassline and " Genius of love " sample were emphasized the bridge from the original version was used as the chorus. 27 There is a version omitting Ol' dirty bastard's verses. 27 The "Bad boy fantasy remix combines the chorus from the original version and the chorus of the bad boy remix together, removing Ol' dirty bastard's vocals from his 2nd verse. 27 Carey re-recorded vocals for club remixes of the song by david Morales, titled "Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix)." The bad boy remix garnered positive reviews from music critics. Ken Tucker from Entertainment weekly praised the song, claiming its one of the few tracks where carey "defines herself." 30 Additionally, he complimented the song, writing "At her best, as she is on this clipped, spunky track, carey is a disco diva for the '90s. No wonder most rock critics can't get behind her.

best female fantasy writers

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19 It was present on the chart for a total of 20 weeks, 20 and ranked 18 on the rpm year-end chart for 1995. 21 "Fantasy" also reached the top 10 in most countries across Europe, and the top 20 on the Oricon chart in Japan. 22 It peaked within the top-five in Belgium (Wallonia finland, France and the United Kingdom; and in the top 10 in Belgium (Flanders The netherlands, Ireland, norway and Switzerland. "Fantasy" was certified silver in France and gold in the United Kingdom, by the syndicat National de l'Édition Phonographique (snep) and British Phonographic Industry (bpi respectively. 23 24 According to The Official Charts Company, the song has sold 400,000 copies in United Kingdom. 25 The song also topped the charts in New zealand, where it was certified platinum by the recording Industry Association of New zealand (rianz). 26 Remixes edit carey worked with producer Puff Daddy to create the official remix, the bad boy remix of "Fantasy".

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best female fantasy writers

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It became the first single by read a female artist to debut atop the chart, and only the second single to do so after " you are not Alone " by michael Jackson. 1 It debuted at the top of the billboard Hot 100 due to the strong sales, which were expected to exceed 229,000 copies. 9 It spent eight weeks at the top of the chart, from September 24 to november 18, 1995, carey's longest stay at the time alongside " Dreamlover " (1993). 1 It replaced " Gangsta's Paradise " by coolio, and was replaced by Whitney houston 's " Exhale (Shoop Shoop) ". 10 11 "Fantasy" spent 23 weeks in the top 40 and was successful on other Billboard formats, including the r b and dance charts.

1 The song debuted at number 11 on the mainstream r b/Hip-Hop chart, setting a record at the time for the charts highest debut which would eventually be surpassed by Drake's " Nice for What " in 2018. 12 Its strong sales led best it to be certified double- platinum by the recording Industry Association of America (riaa carey's first single to. "Fantasy" was the second best-selling single of 1995 in the us, with sales of 1,500,000. 13 It was ranked seventh on the hot 100 year-end charts for 1995 and 49th on the 1996 year-end charts. 14 15 "Fantasy" ranked at number 15 on the hot 100 decade-end chart for the 1990s. 16 In Australia, the song topped the chart and was certified platinum by the australian Recording Industry Association (aria). 17 In Canada, the song debuted on the rpm singles Chart at number 95 on the rpm issue dated October 2, 1995, 18 and reached the top of the chart on november 20, 1995.

1 4 5 "Fantasy" moves at a tempo of 102 beats per minute. The remix, which features rap verses from. D.b, also incorporates hip-hop into the bridge. The song uses heavy bass and percussion, as well as a sample from "Genius of love". 1 The song is set in the signature common time, and is written in the key of G major. It features a basic chord progression of a-f-1.

5 Carey's vocal range in the song spans from the note of D3 to the high note of F6; the piano and guitar pieces range from D4 to E5 as well. 5 The song contains choral lyrics written by carey, who also developed the song's melody and original beat. Instrumentation and production was performed by dave hall, while co-arranging and producing the track as well. 1 The members of the tom Tom Club, tina weymouth, chris Frantz, steven Stanley and Adrian Belew are all credited as writers due to the inclusion of the music sample they wrote. 1 Critical reception edit Upon its release, "Fantasy" garnered acclaim from contemporary music critics. Bill Lamb from m was very positive on the song, calling it "truly inspiring" and a "career high water mark" for Carey. Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic also praised the song, saying "Carey continues to perfect her craft and that she has earned her status as an r b/pop diva." 4 Stephen Holden from The new York times gave the song praise, writing "with 'fantasy. Carey glides confidently into the territory where gospel-flavored pop-soul meets light hip-hop and recorded some of the most gorgeously spun choral music to be found on a contemporary album." Additionally, he claimed "Fantasy" held some of the album's best moments, writing "she continues to make. The song became carey's ninth number one single on the us billboard Hot 100 chart.

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The cover of the single was shot by top fashion writing photographer Steven meisel. A cropped version of the photograph was used as the album cover as well. 3 Hall described advantages his experience with writing the song with Carey: It was a fun song. Mariah brought me 'genius of love' and I laid some strings on it and put it into a groove i felt really fit and highlighted her voice. And that song didn't take us but a minute to do, because she really busted that out within two days. We did a rough copy and let Tommy mottola hear it and he loved it, so all we had to do was bring it back in and mix. 3 Composition edit "Fantasy" A sample of "Fantasy featuring a sampled hook and other beats. Problems playing this file? "Fantasy" is an up-tempo song with modern r b and dance-pop genres within its composition, which blends elements of funk music, hip hop, and bubblegum pop.

best female fantasy writers

Contents Background edit with daydream, carey began incorporating urban r b and hip hop into her music, something very noticeable in "Fantasy." 3 After Carey began writing songs for her new album daydream, she decided to include the hook from the tom Tom Club song. Afterwards, carey and Hall began incorporating the sample into the lyrics and melody she had already produced. 3 Carey described how the idea to sample the song became a reality: I was listening to the radio and heard 'genius of love and I hadn't heard it in a long time. It reminded me of growing up and listening to the radio and that feeling the song gave me seemed to go with the melody and basic idea i had for "Fantasy." i initially told dave about the idea, and we did. We called up the tom Tom Club and they were really into. 3 Carey recalled how the writers of the song were really intrigued by writer the idea of Carey sampling the song, and immediately signed over the rights. After Carey presented Hall with the sample, the chorus and beat, he developed a familiar groove that he felt would "highlight Carey's voice." After they completed the song, carey's husband and ceo of Columbia, tommy mottola listened to "Fantasy" and agreed to include.

for her album, daydream is a cropped version of the single cover. Carey directed the music video for "Fantasy making it her directorial debut. Carey created the video's concept and chose the filming location. After being disappointed with the final result in many of her previous videos, carey decided to single-handedly direct the video. The video showed Carey's roller blading through Playland Amusement Park in rye, ny, singing and enjoying herself. Midway through the video, ol' dirty bastard makes a cameo appearance as a clown. The video concludes with Carey dancing atop the sunroof of a car, with many others present and enjoying the music and celebration.

Ol' dirty bastard, something Carey arranged to assist in her crossover into the hip-hop market. "Fantasy" became the second song. Billboard history, and the first by a true female, to debut atop the. Additionally, aside from topping the hot 100 chart for eight consecutive weeks, the song topped the charts in Australia, canada and New zealand, and was a top-five hit in Belgium, finland, France and the United Kingdom. Carey performed "Fantasy" live on several television and award show appearances around the world. Carey performed the song at the 23rd annual, american Music Awards, held on January 29, 1996. Additionally, it was performed live on British music chart program. Top of the pops and on French television. "Fantasy" was part of the set-lists on several of Carey's succeeding tours, making its debut during the album's accompanying set of concerts, the.

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Fantasy " is a song by American singer-songwriter. Mariah Carey from review her fifth album, daydream (1995 released on September 12, 1995. Columbia records as the lead single from the album. The song was written by carey and. Dave hall, both serving as primary producers alongside. The song heavily samples, tom Tom Club 's 1981 song genius of love " and incorporates various other beats and grooves arranged by the former. The song's lyrics describe a woman who is in love with a man, and how every time she sees him she starts fantasizing about an impossible relationship with him. The remix for the song features rap verses from.

Best female fantasy writers
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