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my mentor essay

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Mentors are basically supervisor-trainers. A mentor helps new Supervisors with their new super powers, and how and when to use them. Mentors correct new Supervisors when they make a wrong action, and praise them when they do it right. Mentors are among the most knowledgable among the community, and know how to use every feature on wikianswers. Current Mentors and ProtÃgÃes The supervisor Mentors are listed first in bold, followed bytheir current protÃgÃes. There are currently 112 t all have protÃgÃes at the same time. Zandkey to access a mentor or protÃgÃe's profile, format the web address asthe following: m/Q/User: username u sername is the name of the user you want to place any spaces in the username with underscores ( _ ) inthis address.

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Originally, mentors relied on Proteges to ask questions and were pretty-much hands-off, except when asked a question. We understand that everyone's needs, personalities, and learning styles are different. Now, if you'd like for your Mentor to take you through the steps of how to use the super Powers, they're happy to get in an instant messenger with you while still being on wikianswers, and show you step-by-step how to use them! If you're the type that likes a more hands-off approach, your Mentor will simply answer your questions and perhaps pop in and offer you some helpful tips now and then. Our individualized approach offers everyone a chance to to have the ultimate learning experience! Afroxav aggie80 Amercgirl4j1c An8thg At32296 Awaketonight Bbyrd009 Bibblob2 Bile777d Blue bobo192 bozidar. Hainsaw Chongyx Clarkcj Clay cowleya crimco Crystal Csanders0 daughterofGod9498 david92198 dbxsoul Dick harfield Dlhalper Docjason Doditov. Gooberplan Ducky elosery Emrey35 Fish247 Fluffkat Ganderton Ginezumi gralistair grevillea hisPowr4u hooweestik imo pop IncaBlue invigilator-007 Ironnica jadeacres working Jam499 Jason jaykay jbaker5791 joepoidog joycep jsarino justin2595 keats Kfalconfan13 kooikeria lazarus Lemsgarden LimeAid luvhistory mannydlr Marvinpau mathDoc MattApril Mattmastersword Mehtamatics Mg42 killer MirandaPrime moobler. Andy mra muhammad Afzal Hamid Myrab51 N2146x natural Val neila222 On the wallaby paul Jones1 Peterc14 Prioktan918 quietman Rdrsh Robin RockandRollPirate royr rrusty rudiful2 Rushabhy salil91 Samurai girl Schnazola Science major sean2236 Shdus1 Shinobi Swordsman Sirius Equus skullcandy88 soulcist Starrskitchen Stupid little genius sukotto techie2013. M/messages/Jsarino/start or send an email.

become a registered wikianswers member; - become a supervisor (Floating/Category supervisor - get allocated a mentor and learn the ropes; - graduate from being mentored; - be aware that metamorphosis mentoring is basically a form of teaching. Make sure, therefore, that you understand very well how the site works, how to use the various tools, etc. A lot of supervisors find it useful to have a mentor to help them get the most out of their new position. It is not necessary, but it is a good idea if you have any questions about the new powers you get on becoming a supervisor. Getting a mentor on wikianswers. To get a mentor on wikianswers, all you need to do is leave a message on Ganderton's message board, or email him at his m email address! list of wikianswers' mentors have a question? The mentoring Program was formed to provide newly appointed supervisors the opportunity of being paired with an experienced supervisor-Mentor. Mentors are available to answer questions, teach about wikianswers and the super Powers, and help out if the Protege needs them.

my mentor essay

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If you would like to become a mentor, get in touch with Ganderton (Gregg). Message him at his message board: m/Q/UserDiscuss:Ganderton or by email to ganderton @ m (remove the spaces). Check out more info on the mentoring Program in the related Links below. A minister mentor ministers other ministers. They look for areasthat need improvement, such as communication and strength to listento the god. According to the help Center of wikianswers, the mentoring program "matches up review experienced site supervisors (mentors) with newly promoted Supervisors (protÃgÃs) in an effort to provide a friendly, fun and worthwhile learning experience. Mentors provide solid support and guidance, garnered from their own hands-on experiences working as Supervisors within the wikianswers community.". For more information on the mentoring Program, see the related Link. Other useful info from various users.

We are always eager to help any supervisor who wants to learn a new superpower or has questions about wikianswers! Supervisors and Mentors are not measured in such a way. What these volunteers do for wikianswers is beyond measure. However, the top contributors and editors can be found here: m/Q/Special:TopFarmers. A mentor is a highly experienced Supervisor (sometimes a senior Supervisor who provides support and guidance to newly promoted Supervisors, garnered from their own hands-on experiences working as a supervisor within the m community. You become a mentor after being a good/successful supervisor for a significant amount of time. These highly experienced supervisors are also given the responsibility of training the new supervisors in the art of being a good supervisor.

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my mentor essay

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Our Mentoring Program is special in that we strive to meet the needs of individual Proteges. We realize that all Proteges have the same needs and learning style, so if what is wanted is someone to answer questions and lend a hand if one is needed, we can do that. On the other hand, if a protege wants to learn by being led step-by-step through the use of the super Powers, we can do that, too! We are truly an individualized instruction program! Once the protege becomes proficient at using superpowers and has gained knowledge of the site, graduating is discussed. Though the mentor may suggest graduating, for the final decision to advance from the program to being "on your own" is left up to the protege. Graduation does not mean that the mentor just goes away!

They continue to help and answer questions whenever asked. Those who have graduated from the mentoring Program will certainly tell you that it's the way to go! Mentoring for Newly-Appointed Supervisors. The mentoring Program was designed for newly-appointed supervisors to have the opportunity to learn from experienced supervisors. No supervisor is turned away, though.

3 people found this useful, a teacher, role model and example. Also someone that helps you achieve your goals. From Merriam Webster-Online: A trusted counselor and guide. Mentoring is not counseling. It is guidance in the form of teaching and support provided by someone you trust, usually a teacher, a parent or relative, a supervisor, or a counselor.

Wikianswers Mentoring Program The wikianswers Mentoring Program is designed to help newly appointed supervisors learn about wikianswers and how to use their Super Powers. The purpose of the program is to provide the best way possible for those who are starting out as supervisors to learn all they would like and need to know in order to supervise effectively. To accomplish those goals, every newly appointed supervisor is notified about the program and is invited to have a mentor. Those who accept the invitation, are paired with an experienced supervisor who has demonstrated knowledge of the site and is proficient in the use of the superpowers. The mentor contacts the protege, either by leaving a message on the message board or by email. Once the protege replies, mentoring begins!

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Ive even had the opportunity to continue as a mentee well into my professional career. Brit Kirwan, former chancellor of the University system of Maryland, was interested in my concerns and successes, or whatever was on my mind. This continued guidance has shaped my experiences and made me a more thoughtful, reflective leader, and Im happy to be able to offer such support in turn to the next generation of students and future higher education visionaries. Although you may feel inundated with advice about what to try in college and tips for success, summoning the courage to open up to a mentor can change your life. You can engage in serious thought and conversation and remain grounded and connected to your experiences. With any luck, seeking out a mentor will become the next craze friendship to sweep campuses—i encourage you to go out and find yours on campus today. Jonathan Gibralter is president of Wells College in Aurora, new York. A senior Mentor on wikianswers is a mentor who has graduated proteges from the program and has committed to providing support and guidance to a new Mentor who has just joined the program; usually this is one of his or her own graduated proteges, but. The idea is to give the new members of the volunteer Mentoring Program someone specific to rely on for answers to their Mentoring questions, just as a mentor does this for a supervisor who has just joined our community.

my mentor essay

In my first year as president of Wells essay College, i had the opportunity to mentor a handful of students simply because they came into my office looking for advice and support. And its precisely this kind of proactive approach that students should adopt. Its okay to ask for help or guidance, and it no way suggests that youre doing something wrong. If anything, youre doing something right! Im no stranger to asking for help as a mentee. In my early years as an undergraduate, the chair of the psychology department at Binghamton University served as my mentor. After i entered graduate school, i wasnt sure it was the right fit for me and so i sought out his advice. Rather than convincing me to stay in graduate school for psychology, as was his path, he asked me what I wanted to do once i graduated and offered to help me figure out the steps I needed to take to get there.

you hope to accomplish? In my previous position as president of Frostburg State University, i had the privilege of working with 12 students each year through the Presidents leadership Circle program. After building such strong relationships by personally mentoring these students, Im fortunate to still be connected with many of them and proud to serve as a life-long reference. But mentorship doesnt have to be a formal experience or relationship for students. In the absence of a mentoring program, you just need to be a little bit bold. Instead of waiting for someone to notice you, sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to those who may serve as a mentor.

The opportunity to engage in mentorship, either formally reviews or informally, often gets overlooked, especially since its long-term impact and importance is enormous. Its a unique opportunity for someone to support you holistically, to relate to you as you encounter new perspectives. The experience of connecting with a mentor is one of the best-kept secrets of higher education, though it should be touted as a must-do on any roundup of tips and advice. Students can look to their faculty advisers for advice beyond course work, or to student services, provosts, athletics, library staff, advancement staff, and yes, even to the college president. It doesnt matter where on your campus you seek out your mentor, because there are so many different opportunities for finding a trusted adviser and guide. Personally, ive enjoyed both sides of mentorships, some of which have had a profound and lasting effect on the trajectory of my career and of my life. Student success and support are why i went into education.

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Each year as thousands of new college students head to campus, everyone — myself included — is eager to share tips and insider knowledge with the latest cohort. And while the advice to get involved and make good choices is, in fact, excellent advice, all of these well-intentioned tips probably get a bit repetitive. And yet, here i am, about to offer another tip to all of you new students: Find a mentor. In some ways, finding a mentor reminds me of the pokémon go craze happening right now. Possible mentors are everywhere, but its up to you to seek them out. Practically anywhere on campus you can find a resource who aligns well with your goals and interests and whom you can call upon for advice and problem solving help. You just have to be willing to take a risk, open up and catch one. Related: write From professor to lifelong mentor: How to establish the connection.

My mentor essay
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  6. I feel much more confident in my own organization and academic skills because i was able to help my students. News campus Life why every new college student should find a mentor. In my early years as an undergraduate, the chair of the psychology department at Binghamton University served as my mentor.

  7. And night for your convenienceWhen you are ready to work with our custom writing service, our customer service department is here to e the essay in a creative way. Mentor on wikianswers is a, mentor who has graduated proteges from the program and has committed to providing support and guidance to a new. my mentor was amazing, the best part about it was that there was some one on one interaction. What does it mean to mentor another student?

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