Stories to write down

70 Humorous Stories and How

stories to write down

We tracked, down, a fake-news Creator In The suburbs

We offer a huge selection of adult fantasies to choose from, and are always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas. Consider joining our "Sex Files" email club. Every weekday you will find 2 new stories in your email waiting for you to read. They range from mild to omg. We never 'share sale, or in anyway disclose your email address to anyone. We only use it to send you your stories. Click here to join now. And while we hate to have advertisements as much as anyone, they are a necesary evil if we are to keep this collection of fine stories going.

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We're getting an average of 2 new stories a day submitted by great authors and we appreciate each and everyone of them. Show them your appreciation by clicking on their name and sending them an email words letting them know how much you enjoy their works! 6/1/9 - ok, the second of many contest are now closed. Cash prizes will be sent out shortly to the winners. We appreciate the many authors who submitted to the 'non-consent' contest. Look for the next announcement next week on a new contest. We are glad you made it to www. M, the hottest new site featuring free erotic fiction and fantasy! Our free adult stories are submitted from 100's of authors. Stories Desired accepts quality erotic story submissions from amateur authors and holds story contests for contributors that pay in cash.

Thanks again for global your patience and now let's return back to our regularly scheduled hot reading! 5/15/10 - been a while since we've updated this page. Stories are still rolling. Authors are posting thier stories a couple a day, and we approve and post them for your reading pleasures. We still refuse to have pop-ups (we hate them) and have limited ads (actually are removing ads from our site) so that you can have the best reading experience. We hope you enjoy. 4/15/10 - the Stories Desired reading club (2 emails a day with stories) has been shut down till 7/1/10 for a break. You can still sign up, but understand it will be a bit before you'll get your first story. 9/10/9 - well we're over 750 free stories for your reading pleasure.

stories to write down

Stories Desired - home of Thousands of Free erotic

We have cut it down to 1 story a day, mon - fri. If you're on the list melisande already then you'll be getting notified about the changes soon. If not and would like to be, then sign up (down and to the left). Remember we never ever ever ever (did I mention ever) give your email addresses out to anyone! (we hate spammers!).oh, and watch, and new writing contest will be coming up soon! 7/8/10 - wow, my hosting company rocks! If you ever need a hosting company that works for you, then email us and I'll let you know where. We are 100 fully recovered! So no need for anyone to resubmit their stories.

We've taken care of that, and the website should actually run faster now! 8/25/10 - big announcement! We've reached 1000 stories! That's right we've gathered up over 1000 great stories for you to read. We hope you enjoy your erotic reading! 8/24/10 - well just as we were about to announce a huge accomplishment we deleted everything we had. Thankfully we were able to recover all but 1 story, and are working on getting that back too. 7/16/10 - we will be restarting the daily email of stories shortly.

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stories to write down

Stories, adult Chat and Erotic, stories

I think we've got it now so we don't have to split up stories to a part 1 and 2 to get it all. Hopefully this will help some of the writers that like well developed stoies. 1/5/11 - you guys amaze us here in Saltys den. Our traffic flow has over doubled in the last month alone with thousands of you reading stories every day (over 5k a day). Unfortunately we didn't anticipate it and the site went down last night for a couple of hours. But rest assured, we've corrected the issues and we're back up and running full steam ahead providing you the best. Free adult stories on the internet!

So read your favorites, and don't forget to rate those stories as you read. Let the writers know how much you appreciate their work! 12/20/10 - wow, as the year is closing we finally got the star rating writing system working. You'll notice it at the end of the stories and it will start appearing on the individual catagory pages shortly. Please give your feedback on the stories so others can benefit. 10/6/10 - issue with identically named stories not pulling the correct one.

We've got a crew that is willing to give you help, edit, and do some corrections for you so you can publish the best story on Stories Desired. Send a request to 8/24/11 - who's going to be that 1500th story? Should be coming by the end of this week, beginning of next. If you've got a story that we should be reading submit it, who knows you might be the one to put us over the top. 8/20/11 - just 30 more stories to hit 1500 stories. If you're a writter and have a story you'd like to add to our collection, please submit it on our writters page here 4/11/11 - do to problems with the traffic caused by the rating system we are going to temporarily suspend.

It will be back! 2/6/11 - we'd like to offer something to those of you who write and submit stories. If you would like an alias email address that would forward to your regular email please let us know at and we will set up an @m email address that will forward readers comments to you. We can also update any previously submitted stories to this new email address 1/24/11 - we have updated the copyright notice on the story page so that the authors are ensured their rights to their stories. We hold no copyrights, only permissions to display these great works of writing. Give it up to the authors *clapping* 1/15/11 - the rating system seems to be going over well. We hope it helps you decide which pages of great free adult stories you are going to attack first. We are still working on the authors page, but hope to have that out soon. 1/13/11 - fixed an issue when submitting stories that were long.

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And set their goal at sex every other day for the month (set your own goals).If you want to do this at home and are going to do this we want to hear about. Have a great Sexuary! Email Salty with your stories and goals here 12/2/11 - with over 1600 free adult stories, we've finally decided din to add a facebook back. So juan click on the like button. 9/17/11 - in case you missed it we went over 1500 free adult erotic stories! No pop-ups, no hidden fees, just great stories for your horny reading pleasure. If you're an author and have some story ideas but don't know how to get started, or have a story started but need to refine it some and need some help, let us know.

stories to write down

6/1/12 - essay we are being spammed to death in our submit stories area. Please make sure you click on the agree to button before the submit or your story will be deleted instead of posted. Submit here (Please read out submission rules prior to submitting) 2/29/12 - wow, computer issues galour, but we're back up and running. Our submit tables were damaged, so if you submitted stories in the last 2 weeks we ask that you resubmit them. 2/2/12 - valentines is right around the corner. How about some of those sexy v-day stories being submitted for everyone hot and horny pleasures? Please submit your stories here (Please read out submission rules prior to submitting) 2/1/12 - here is a challenge for you and your partner. Welcome to my brain - sexuary Challenge. Salty and the Mrs.

the best encouragement you could give these writers. 11/15/14 - thank you readers for putting us on the map. Your continued readership has ranked us well. We would love for you to link to our site if you have a blog, or website, or just see someone asking where to get great stories then letting them know that m is the place to come. As always we couldn't do it without the continued submissions of all the writers that share their great stories for us to read. Please continue to submit your stories. We do not judge, and allow all types of stories as long as they are sexual in nature, well written, and more than 1000 words, regardless of the type of sexual story or kink.

1/23/17 - another year gone and we keep growing. With Thousands of free stories now on the site, and dozens of active authors adding their stories we get the great stories to read. Don't forget Sexuary is just around the corner. Read about it at m 10/31/16 - happy halloween everyone. With thousands of stories on the website there are plenty of whatever you're looking for. Want to read a great series? The girl " series in the teen section. 6/18/16 - wow, been working on stories so much hadn't updated here in forever. Remember to check out our.

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Welcome guest, the lancashire Grid for learning provides a variety of educational resources, content and managed services to support english schools in maximising the benefits of technology to support teaching and learning. If you have any feedback regarding our resources, content or services, please contact. You must be over 18 years old to enter this site. If you are under 18 or do not wish to view adult content, you must exit now. 5/17/17 - thanks to all of our authors for their great submissions and all the viewers for making this by far the biggest month ever for. If you're an author have would like to submit a story please. And if you're a reader, please let your friends know about our website.

Stories to write down
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  5. The lancashire Grid for learning provides a variety of educational resources, content and managed services to support schools in maximising the benefits of technology to support teaching and learning. Stories Desired is your home for all types of Free adult Stories. Erotic, hot, sexy stories with a wide range of topics.

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