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Provide ai-optimized financial advice, how does it work? The overall process is pretty simple. You sign up for the free service either through Facebook, or email, then link your relevant accounts. Trim then automatically searches your history of purchases/subscriptions to see where it can save you money. How did i use it? In an effort to live more frugally, i used Trim to cut down on my monthly expenses.

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Or, hey siri, can you help lower my bills? The founders are, in their own words: building the equivalent of a self-driving car for your financial life. And while i wouldnt say its that intuitive yet Im all for streamlining my life in any way possible. What does it do? At the time of this writing, Trims main functionality comes from canceling recurring subscriptions you no longer want or may be unaware of (this is how they started). When you sign up for the free service, you can see all the subscriptions you currently have and can choose which ones youd like to keep. With some recently added features, Trim can now: Price protect your Amazon purchases (get your money back if the price drops after you purchase). Negotiate/Lower your Comcast bill (get money back for outages, etc.). Give you bonus for using golf service (more on that in a bit). What theyre currently working on and hoping to do in the near future: Lower your insurance bills by auto-switching to better provider.

Ok trim, you had me at free. Youre at least worth a shot. So i tried out the universities service myself and graded them on 3 criteria for this review : Price. Value, software/Ease of Use. Features, lets jump right. So what is it? Trim is essentially. Assistant for your finances. Its like being able to ask, siri: hey siri, how much am I spending on subscriptions per month?

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Music and Sing-Along see all Our editors recommend Twitter Fun social tool, but use the privacy controls. Age umum 15 Instagram Great app makes sharing pretty, private photos all too easy. Age 15 Facebook huge social site connects, serves ads; check settings. This post may contain links from our affiliates. Disclosure for more info. dear readers, Im always on the lookout for new personal finance tools that can be of help to you! Theres a ton of mediocre apps tools out there, so i try my best to curate these reviews. That being said; when I first heard about Trim, i was intrigued. The value proposition is enticing: A free financial assistant that helps you save money on autopilot?

The anonymous questions option is sometimes fun, but sometimes also used to direct hurtful things at other users. Continue reading, teen, 14 years old Written by epicboss258, october 5, 2013 age 14 depends on how it is use. First off, this is probably not for kids, there's nothing to terrible about it, but It's better to not wander too far out of a certain aspect of the. Continue reading, kid, 11 years old September 13, 2013 age 18, no please dont just dont even. This website is so bad. I had a account, then someone called me fat, ugly, and stupid and also told me that nobody liked. Then, my friend got a account. Continue reading, what's it about? Continue reading Themes topics Browse titles with similar subject matter.

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Some users' photos are racy (provocative poses, cleavage shots some post explicit comments about body parts, sex acts. It's very easy to find profiles that have images with graphic nudity. Language, doesn't screen for language; some users use profanity in answers, including words such as "f-k "s-t.". Consumerism, banner ads appear on most pages of website. Drinking, Drugs smoking, some users talk about drinking, drugs. User reviews, adult Written by workingmotherof3.

January 19, 2014 review age 18, how can this be legal? This site gives children an open invitation to vent their anger, insults, bad language, hate. Teasing, taunting, criticising, bullying. Popular kids use. Continue reading, adult Written by, lashyun. April 3, 2014 age 18, not great. This is simply another question/answer site.

Joe albano shows you what's what when it comes to reverbs. Website review, jump to navigation, common Sense says, a lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this website. Kids can learn about social media; Ask. Fm provides practice using the medium.

Kids also will get a chance to gain communication experience by asking and responding to questions. Some questions could potentially spur them to seek additional information on various topics, providing additional learning experiences. But since other users, instead of subject matter experts, are providing responses, kids also may get incorrect information from the site. Fm gives kids a forum to learn about social media, but its reliance on other users makes its information somewhat dubious. Positive messages, though some users are friendly, compliment each other, others say things such as, "Why are you so rude and ugly?". Violence, site will remove content if users report it but doesn't prescreen posts, so there's potential for abusive, threatening behavior. Some users take advantage of service's anonymity to post hate speech, threats. While these are largely empty, they can still be quite vivid, disturbing.

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Review : Krotos Audio reformer Pro - sound Designers Dream? Review may 16, 2018 buy by letter joe albano This unique tool for turning your own sounds into foley effects - and much more - is capable of some amazing things. Joe albano put it to the test and here's what he discovered. Review : Plankton Electronics ants! Semi-modular Analog Synth review may 15, 2018 by tilt ants! Is a semi-modular analog synth that not only looks cool, it sounds great too. Find out much more about it in this video review. Reverb Plug-Ins every Producer Should Know review may 14, 2018 by joe albano If you haven't explored beyond your daw's stock reverb plug-ins, you could be missing out on a wealth of mixing options.

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Review : Magix Software sound Forge 12 review may 21, 2018 by hollin Jones sound Forge receives the its most significant update in years with a host of new features under the hood as well as new plug-ins and editing tools. Hollin Jones put it to the test. Review : ik multimedia leslie review may 19, 2018 by hollin Jones The famous Leslie speaker that gives the hammond organ its unique sound has been much-emulated. So what can ik's latest release bring to the party? Hollin Jones finds out. 5 Classic 70s Synths Wed love to see cloned review may 18, 2018. Childs iv with bona fide classics being resurrected quite regularly now, here are 5 legendary 70s synths that haven't been cloned yet - but we really hope might. Review : bias Distortion, modulation, and Delay review may 17, 2018 by matt Vanacoro positive grid have graduated from making excellent guitar software to physical pedals that guitarists will love. Matt Vanacoro fired up bias Distortion, modulation and Delay.

rounik sethi. Warning: Watching this video review will probably make you want one of these new moog synths which you currently won't be able to buy as it's not available. Watch and lust after it at your peril. Reverb Plugin Shootout, review. May 22, 2018 by, rich tozzoli. Reverb plugins, whether they emulate a classic or bring something completely unique, all have their own character. Rich tozzoli compares five of his favorites to see how they stack.

Review : Erica synths Graphic vco. May 27, 2018 by, scott riesterer, the latest synth module from Erica synths allows you to draw in your own waveforms with hardware encoders. But Scott riesterer found out there's even more to it than that. Review : Red room Audio saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion. May 25, 2018 by,. Childs iv, when it comes to games, movie buy and tv scoring you need more variety to your drum sounds. Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion is designed to cover all your scoring needs. Review : Strymon Magneto.

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1506 Articles, review : Best Service celtic Era, review. May 30, 2018 by, jay asher, if you need the sound of authentic Celtic acoustic instruments, best Service's Celtic Era is going to prove a lot easier than tracking down someone who can play the Irish bouzouki. Review : Sugar Bytes Aparillo. May 29, 2018 by, rishabh thesis Rajan, sugar Bytes is known for innovative and unusual instruments and effects, so how will Rishabh Rajan find its latest synth, Aparillo? Read on to find out what he discovered. Review : Samplefuel poly and wave. May 28, 2018 by, hollin Jones, two new halion-based synths from composer Danny lux promise flexible sound generation at an incredibly affordable price. Hollin Jones found out what poly and wave are all about.

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Top40-Cha m provides music charts from all over the world, like us /. Amelia earhart was one of the first female pilots and helped form an organization for female pilots, the ninety nines. Our golf course was designed in 1991 by world famous golf course architect Arthur Hills.

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  1. Ask, trim, review : I tried it out for myself. Here s 3 things you should definitely know about if you re thinking of signing up for their free service too. In-depth reviews on the latest and greatest in audio software and hardware at AskAudio magazine.

  2. Must read This Before Investing! Trim helps you earn cash back and lower your bills by automatically canceling unused subscription. Learn how it works in this review.

  3. How to ask customers for reviews (and actually get them) How do you get a satisfied customer to become an online advocate? Columnist Brian Patterson offers tips on how to ask for reviews to help bolster your business. This post provides various scenarios that you can turn into opportunities to ask for reviews, plus templates for asking that you can adapt to your style. This official scam investigation review sums up whether, ask, option Legit Broker Site is a scam or not!

  4. Read Common Sense media. Fm review, age rating, and parents guide. When asking for a review, heres what you need to know. Always get permission before sending a review request; Ask at the peak of your customers happiness with your service.

  5. 76 reviews for, ask. Com,.5 stars: i go to look up wwii and bam you get a coat of @ right there in your face. Not helpful at all this site deserves to be shot receptively over and over with a shotgun, this is positioned as a search engine, but my experience with. Social q a site with lots of objectionable content.

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