My nightmare essay

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my nightmare essay

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Today, i will be discussing many different types of common nightmares. One common nightmare is the occurrence of a natural or manmade disaster. Usually, a catastrophe dream relates to feelings of disaster in your waking life. You might feel as though you cannot survive whatever dilemma you're currently challenged with. Another one common among students are dreams about performing poorly in a test. Failing an exam in your dreams reflects your waking life concerns about how deserving you are for the things you have achieved in life. If you were to go back and receive an evaluation of all your past deeds, would you be satisfied with the results?

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Julie let out a bank huge shriek which startled me, leading me to trip over a rock behind. I got up quickly as pilots the man started chasing me again. When I went to turn around to start running again there was a huge cliff in front. I lost my balance and fell right off the edge. I felt myself falling in the air looking down at what I might hit. Just then I woke up in my bed with sweat dripping from my head and realized it was all just a nightmare. Dreams are mysterious, amazing, eye-opening and sometimes a nightmarish hell. Unpleasant as they may be, nightmares are an essential part of dreaming. While our more enjoyable dreams are created by wishes and desires, nightmares are a result of other feelings like stress and anxiety. However, like many dreams, nightmares are not as straight forward as they seem.

We ran pelleas as fast as we could trying not to look behind. Julie kept tripping over rocks so i picked her. When my arms got too tired to carry her any longer I stopped. I looked back hoping he wasn't there. When I saw the man coming closer to me i put Julie down and pulled out my pocket knife. He didn't seem alarmed. He then pulled out a large butcher knife from behind his back. Then all I could think about was seeing Susan laying dead in the basement. I stepped backward holding Julie's hand.

my nightmare essay

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I looked out the window horrified at what I saw. It was assignments a tall man with dark hair, and an unshaven, frightful face. He looked as though he was thirty. I knew he was after me so i raced to the back door knowing he would follow. The back door was unlocked so i took julie and ran into the woods. When I thought I got far enough away from the house i put Julie down and told her everything would be fine. Just when I thought he was gone i heard the rustling of leaves and heavy breathing. I took julie's hand and was as frightened as ever.

I thought the best thing to do was to get out of the house as quickly as possible. As I crept past the steps I noticed a low crying coming from Julie's room. It sounded like julie so i dashed up to her room and heard it again. It was coming from her closet. As i opened the door I saw Julie huddled in the corner of the closet crying. I picked her up and carefully ran to the front door. Feeling a little relieved that Julie wasn't hurt, i tried opening the front door but something was holding me back. Someone from the other end was holding the door.

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my nightmare essay

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All of a sudden I heard a loud screech. I jumped up and ran down into the geography basement where susan was. I hurried down the bridge basement steps where i saw Susan's still body laying on the floor and her head on top of the fuse box. I froze with astonishment, when I saw written on the wall with blood "your next." As fast as I could, without thinking, i ran up the steps frantically. I got up the steps trembling and locked the basement door behind. I ran up into julie's room to get her so we could leave the house.

I looked in her room and she was gone from her bed. I heard foot steps coming from the basement. I called Julie's name a few times, but with no answer, i thought he had already got to her. I picked up the phone to call the police but the line was dead. I didn't know what to do so i went to the kitchen to get a knife. There weren't any kitchen utensils since they had recently moved in and weren't finished unpacking yet. I saw a small pocket knife on the counter, grabbed it and headed toward the front door.

I answered the phone but no one was there. I said hello again, but still no answer. All I could hear was someone breathing heavily. It was loud, gasping, and very frightening. I said hello again and heard a faint, masculine voice.

As I began to tremble, the voice whispered, "I'm coming." All of a sudden the lights went out. Susan, julie and I let out a loud shriek. I ran over to susan and Julie and hid my head. Susan started laughing and told me it was probably because of the storm outside. We both looked out the window when a bolt of lighting struck across the sky. Julie began to cry and we comforted her and told her it would be all right. Susan was going to go down into the basement to find the fuse box so she could turn the lights back. It was time for Julie to go to bed so i grabbed a flashlight and we went up stairs. I tucked her in and read her a short story.

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There must have been something wrong with the connection because when it rang there would be no one on the other end. Someone was coming tomorrow to take a look. Smith informed us that they would be a little late coming home because it was their anniversary and they had a long night planned. We told them to have a nice time and they both grabbed their coats and left. Julie started crying just as they closed the door. We gave her a bottle and put her down to watch some. Then the phone rang and Susan and I looked at each other, seeing resume who was going to answer.

my nightmare essay

They said it was all right if I presentation came too. They wanted us to come over about six that evening. When we got over there Mrs. Smith introduced her two year old daughter named Julie. Smith didn't leave right away because they wanted Julie to get to know us better. Smith told Susan and I that Julie could stay up until 8:00. She also told us she had been having problems with her telephone.

- l, m n - o, p - s, t u -. Creative writing: The nightmare, it all began one day when I was over my friend Susan's house. Her parents had just left for vacation to texas, leaving her home by herself. I was allowed to stay that weekend while her parents were away. Susan and I were sitting down eating when she got a call from the house where a new family just moved into. The Smith's had asked her to babysit for them.

I froze as if my body was perfectly carved like this. My hands were clutch on the side of the railing knowing if I nurse let got its game over and something would something big. What it is actually about: I was home alone trying to get to sleep after watch a horror movie bad idead! Every corner of my room was filled with my fear but not knowing what I was scared about or what. Nothing in my room was scary however the sound of the storm terriefied me, every rain drop that hit the ground I could hear it everytime it was as if the rain was filled with screats and now it was letting. Rain keeps all the hidden screats and stories we tell because we now it will keep them but I felt like i heard every scret. I prayed for it too stop but nothing happened it still consumes. It just wants to be heard.

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Ideas, i lay down and waited for the soothing blanket of sleep shroud. A few second later the anticipated blackness and darkness hit me like a tuck. Suddenly, the deafening noise of my phone alarm woke me up with a jolt. Then I new it was all just a dream. The twisted feeling of fear grew bigger and bigger each step I took. The silence was brocken by each footstep I took. The sound of silence was deafening, all I could hear the was wind rattling, my heart thumping as if it was going to rip out from my rib cage working and a small ringing sound. The fear that consumed me was like hell fire, burning me up inside.

My nightmare essay
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  1. Unpleasant as they may be, nightmares are an essential part of dreaming. Essay dreams: Nightmare and Enjoyable Dreams. My dream theory Analysis According to sigmund Freud a dream is an unconscious wish fulfillment.

  2. My family and i used to live in a four plex, upstairs. Free coursework on Creative writing The nightmare from m, the uk essays. It all began one day when I was over my friend Susan s house. The worst Nightmare of my childhood : Essay, paragraph nightmar es, my childhood nightmare, nightmares are not reality, scaring.

  3. I felt dizzy, so i got up and looked around. I thought it was around 4:56. I looked to my left and. I don t know if something is following us or we just keep picking the wrong ho uses, but this is my story.

  4. My worst Nightmare Essay. Suddenly, the deafenin g noise of my phone alarm woke me up with a jolt. Then I new it was all just. Read this full essay on a horrible great nightmare.

  5. my mother used to tell. you might get a nightmare. how right she was. I never believed her until it happened.

  6. Free essay: my nightmare - original Writing It was Monday morning, my first day of babysitting. I wanted some extra money and because it was the school. don t eat just before going to bed!

  7. Personal Narrative essay - my nightmare. At that time, we were still standing in the doorway as Aria said, i forgot my cupcake in my locker, i ll be right back. Free essay: my worst Nightmare The howling wind rattled the windowpanes in the bit ter, damp night outside. I twisted and turned under my thin covers.

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